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Frits at your office?

I like to keep things varied; therefore, I can be found at a different location every edition. I bring along great music, drinks, snacks and from now on I will also be a fresh face during your drinks! Register and who knows, maybe we’ll be having a drink together at your workplace.


Frits takes care of…


Light, sound and decor the way Frits does it.

If you didn't know better, you would think that you weren’t at your office at all.

The best Frits DJs I have to offer.

I only invite the best DJs for the right vibe to raise the roof!

The tastiest snacks and drinks.

Always wanted a cocktail bar at the office? Well now it’s possible!

The one and only Frits photo booth.

Use the photobooth to capture the moment and stick it to the refrigerator in the canteen!

Frits' secret round..

This I’ll be keeping a secret..

An unforgettable after office drink.

People will be talking about this one for a while…!

Frits loves diversity

And so, I am happy to accept the challenge of transforming your office into a true Frits party! Register and I will contact you about the possibilities.

Is your work not a suitable location?

No problem! Over the years I’ve learned to think in solutions and have visited so many beautiful locations that I have a clear sense of meeting your wishes. I would like to look at the possibilities of an Out of Offrits for your office at an external location.

Together we’ll make it beautiful

Would you think it would be great if I were to come and arrange an after-office drinks?

Sign up now and maybe we’ll be having a drink together at your workplace sometime soon!